How to Get

More Clients Through Social Media Without Posting Anything Online?


WBA Simple Promo System

Finally... A-Done-For-You System That Attracts Clients Through Social Media Without You Having To Post Anything Online.

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Are you still struggling to get new clients online? Well, the average website only turns 0.2% of its visitors into customers so... you're not alone.

Now, I know you're tired of being told to create and post regular social media content, run online social media campaigns, and follow "easy ways" to get more traffic to your website... even when the internet is literally growing by millions of pages every day!!

The pandemic as well has changed how we do almost everything. More importantly, it's forced us into a digital reality almost overnight.

Including, how we interact with potential customers.

With a cellphone in every pocket, our business's online presence is more important today than ever before.

That said, even if you could manage to find the time and expertise to do all these things yourself, PLUS, run your business, how will you stand out from the crowd and cut through the noise?


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Our 3 Step Plan

Step 1

We examined the vast majority of directories out there and all they do is supply a static page. Most of the time quite boring looking - with no interaction between its subscribers and the general public. Kind of like posters on a street lamp. If you happen to walk by... you just might see it.

Step 2

At Wellness Blockchain Alliance, "WBA", the first digital-wellness directory, we partner with you to increase your web presence by linking your website and your free WBA Pro Promo Page to a steady stream of monthly highly targeted social media content.

Those who read the articles, and watch the videos, who we've specifically targeted in your market will be funneled directly to your website, and, to your 100% free WBA Pro Promo page, where your branding, specials, coupons, etc., are just waiting for your new potential client in their desired local market.

Step 3

But that's not all, speaking of video, included with your WBA Pro Promo Page Suite, is the option for you to participate in monthly webinars we host and promote across all social media where you can share your knowledge and consolidate your presence as an expert in your field.


Just sit back and watch your monthly engagements and your online presence steadily increase without you having to post ANYTHING.

What You'll Get

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Your Pro Promo Page is linked to monthly social media campaigns, targeting your ideal audience, where your website, branding, specials, coupons, etc., are just waiting for your new potential client in their desired local market.

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Wellness Blockchain Alliance, using the power of SEO optimization, and wellness centered content promotion, boosts the rankings of your Pro Promo Page with every post.

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Wellness Blockchain Alliance hosted webinars. These dynamic Q&A sessions drive targeted viewer traffic to your website and WBA page, and, at the same time, elevates your online presence as an expert in your field, while helping others learn.

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The best opportunity for future growth is to be ready for the future. Now you'll be ready to accept over 100 digital coins as demand and adoption increase. Making sure your business is ready to serve every type of client.

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The Healthcare Industry is going through a massive digital revolution the same as snail-mail to e-mail or mall-shopping to e-commerce. This shift for Healthcare will be no less profound or far-reaching.

The Wellness Blockachain Monthly Updates will help keep you up to date.